Program Information

A Higgs candidate event resulting in four muons.
(ATLAS Experiment © 2013 CERN)

The Research Semester at CERN program is a pilot Research/Study Abroad program at CERN (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics) funded by the Lounsbery Foundation. This program is intended to provide talented undergraduate students with the opportunity to spend a semester at CERN, home of the world's largest particle accelerator. Students will participate in ongoing research during a period of extraordinary discovery as the properties of the newly discovered Higgs Boson and its related physics are explored. Students in the program will be assigned a mutually agreed upon project chosen from a wide range of high energy research topics, such as assisting with Higgs boson analysis, supersymmetry searches, trigger studies, detector development and upgrade, and many other physics and engineering projects. They will become part of an active CERN research group engaged in real ongoing analyses.

Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2018.


The program is for students in physics, engineering and computer science with a minimum of 2 complete years of University at an accredited 4-year US institution. Students should have good programming skills and a strong interest in high energy physics.


The program is funded by the Lounsbery Foundation and will provide up to $10,000 in travel/support costs. There are no program fees.

A computer generated view of the Atlas detector.
(ATLAS Experiment © 2013 CERN)

Academic Credit

Some institutions will give academic credit for research internships. Students interested in research credit should make arrangements with their home institution. The program will work with the selected students to provide the necessary documentation for this credit and will help students explore other academic possibilities in Geneva.


The start date for the upcoming 90 day program is 14 January 2019. Applications should be recieved by September 20, 2018.